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„Due to motivation issues, a deficit of motivation and knowledge I couldn't embrace bouldering and what I used to call training back then for a long time!

When Gabriel approached me it was just perfect timing, since I was about to open a bouldering gym and didn't feel like I was part of the sport anymore. After consecutive months of real training, the empathy of Gabriel himself and not the least me, feeling motivated again,

I was able to get back in the game and the  beloved sport of bouldering. Not having to question what you are doing at a time helps a lot and builds confidence to just keep going.

I am feeling right placed in my ability to evolve myself to become a better climber now and already feel the fire of passion I just had lost for years almost.

I couldn't recommend anybody more than him when it comes to guidence through the complex theme of specialized and personalized training solutions for you!"



Chief of operation ONYX Leipzig

(November 2022)


Finde hier Erfahrungsberichte und Rezensionen von Personen die ich betreue.

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